Association of Mass Welfare agencies in Bangladesh is to provide theoretical and practical skills to individuals and/or organizations in the field of international development.

AMWAB aspires to become a platform for training that combines theoretical knowledge and practical experience, aimed at professionals who are interested in integrating into the global arena in the field of International Development and Humanitarian Aid.

Our Trainings include intensive workshops and personal supervision from mentors; together, these will provide participants with an in-depth picture of the situation and tools for integrating into the world of International Development and Humanitarian Aid.

  • The Purpose of Our Training
  1. To impart tools and professional standards in the field of Social and National Development and Humanitarian Aid on the basis of existing needs, gaps and strengths that can leverage the activities of Non Governmental Organization in the Social and National arena.


  1. To provide an orientation and tools for entering into work in the Society of National Development and Humanitarian Aid, through guided exercises.


  1. To bridge the gap between professional knowledge acquired in institutions of higher education in Bangladesh to the pragmatic needs that are required in work in National and International organizations.


  1. To encourage Younger peoples to take part in missions of National and International Development and Humanitarian Aid in the developing field, whose citizens at times have difficulty surviving the hunger and suffering prevalent in them.


  • Human Resource Development (Training):

It organizes training programs, seminars and symposium and study circles. It also organizes workshops to share the experiences of the member organizations and the development ideas of the contemporary world. The program aims at building capacity and skill of the persons working at various sectors in the member organizations to deliver proper and quick services.

  • AMWAB in addition to financial and capacity building support to its member organizations has also provided some logistic supports to them on developing Management Information System (MIS), Event Management support, Accounts, Administration and personnel management etc.

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