We make an ardent appeal to the well to do section of the society to help the distressed through Zakah, Sadaqah, Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) or any other endowments to bring smile of this poverty stricken people in Bangladesh.

In this vision, Allah says, “And they give food, only for the love of Allah to the poor, the orphan and the captive.” (Surah Al Dahar :79:8-9)

Your donation and endowments will definitely help to provide capacity building support to the member NGOs to ensure fundamental needs, i.e. food, cloth, education, accommodation, Medicare, etc to the poor, especially the orphans, helpless children, women, elderly and disable people. It is the best charitable deed while you help destitute fellow brothers to gain a better and comfortable life with dignity, peace, equality, social justice and best of Iman.

May Allah reward you for your charity!

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