Poverty reduction is the main focus of the investment process, as well as the need for collective efforts of poverty alleviation, as well as the availability of capital and the sustainable development knowledge, if the poor people are able to deliver the tools of development, their experience and action efforts by turning the wheel of their fate to end poverty, Developing conditions.

  • Small investment targets: To improve the socio-economic condition of the poor, landless and unemployed poor people, invest in and invest in savings through Islamic investment system in a well-processed process.


  • Target Group: Those who are unemployed, whose monthly average income is tk 3,000 – 5,000, 50 percent of the land is worth cultivating land without a villa for living. Beside those who work in small businesses, rickshaw pulling, grocery shops, and physical labor.Project objectives: Combine the supportable people and improve the socio-economic conditions through economic activities in the formation of groups and centers.
  1. Involve them with socio-economic activity with women’s priority in investment activities.
  2. To eliminate the illiteracy, rectification and socio-economic conditions in the family through women and men.
  3. Developing storage habits between men and women.
  4. Creating the workplace of family members through investment gradation.

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