IGA (Income Generating Activities) means an investment or business activity that makes money. AMWAB focuses on income-generating activities to assist vulnerable groups (women) for the sustainable establishment of their development, which can be undertaken in or near their home. The main purpose of the IG activity is to make women self-reliant and raise them as an income generator, who can improve their family conditions and can educate children.

Goal: Poverty alleviation with sustainable development and create trade wise professionalism.

Objective: To Develop capacity and selection of trade/profession of 500 by 2019. Start a journey to alleviate poverty and to change their lives status. To get skill training and wealth start earning, Start work, enjoy improve livelihood, Meet up various Household necessities, Eliminate poor Condition

Input/Activities: Select unemployed youths/target people, Select trade wise training, allocate fund for each beneficiary

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