AMWAB delivers immediate humanitarian responses for the children and families who have lost their homes by natural disasters or unexpected conflicts. It also implements long term reconstruction project with the local communities to recover their ordinary lives quickly beyond temporary emergency relief. The Agency helps the children affected by disasters with reducing psychological distress through providing child-friendly spaces and children group work programs against PSTD (Post Traumatic stress Disorder)

Natural disaster exists and happens regularly in Bangladesh. Geographically and economically all people of Bangladesh are vulnerable. The devastation of natural disaster creates this situation more aggravated. It takes a long time to resilience in their previous life and property. The government support in the relief and rehabilitation sector is very limited. The lives after disasters are often indescribable. AMWAB and its member organizations are helping affected people from the time of 90s. AMWAB has been continuing this humanitarian aid project as per its capacity and assistance. The Zakah, CSR money and other humanitarian assistance may save the lives of people affected in various natural disasters in Bangladesh………………………………………

Goal:  National international FIVE Year plan, SDG/UN, PRSP

Objectives: To help the victims in case of natural disaster and emergency situation, To meet up humanitarian need

Output: To take up program of humanitarian assistance. Save life and property, Resilience and start their income generating activities

Input: Select aid and beneficiary, Select aid support appoint volunteer, Prepare preparedness,  Make work schedule, Collect aid and distribution,

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