About us

Association of Mass Welfare Agencies in Bangladesh (AMWAB) is an apex body of 320 NGOs. Since its inception in March 6, 1993, it has been carrying out various social development activities all over the Bangladesh. AMWAB is registered with Department of Social Services (DSS) and NGO Affairs Bureau of the Government of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh. The primary objective of AMWAB is to do social welfare activities and capacity building of the member organizations in terms of management, training, program development, project management, networking-linkage and capacity enhancement in service delivery. AMWAB is a non-profitable organization. Form last 26 year it has been recognized as a brand of development in the NGO sector and earned a good reputation in the country. It has been making a consistent effort to make our country free of poverty. AMWAB is also always ready to stand beside the people during every natural disaster and humanitarian crises in the country. Our total member organizations are over 320 with a total beneficiaries of over 5, 50,000 amongst which 95% are women.

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